Show and Sell Japan, formerly Tell and Sell Japan


Please read these rules over carefully before you join the Show and Sell Japan list. Failure to comply with these rules could result in your removal from the list.

Who Can Join?

Prospective members must live in Japan and want to buy or sell used or “new and unwanted” items. It is not appropriate to use the list to promote or sell products from your personal business. The official language of the list is English, so all communication on the list must be done in English. All nationalities welcome.

Basic Rules for Using the List

Sellers put the item up for sale giving as much detail as possible (size, brand, colour, material, age, and price). Sellers describe items HONESTLY and mention any marks or faults, such as missing buttons and whether the items come from a SMOKE and/or PET FREE home. Sellers are also strongly encouraged to provide photos of their items (see below).

Auctions and “or best offer” (o.b.o) sales are not permitted. The price that the seller posts is the fixed price and sellers are not permitted to pit buyers against each other in order to increase the price. It is, however, possible for sellers to lower the price if no buyers can be found at the fixed price. Sellers can also state that they will accept the fixed price “or next offer” (o.n.o.).

Buyers respond to the seller’s post by email. (Only the initial selling post should appear on the group list. Interested buyers must contact sellers directly and not post their response to the list.)

Provide Photos

Sellers should post photos of their items in the body of the message which is possible on Google groups.

Add a Subject Tag to your Messages

Please add the following to the body of the message. Also, a note in the subject line of emails to the list is helpful.

How much:
Will accept offers:
How to pay:
Where item located:
Will send:
Pick up only:
Other information:

example subject lines.

Selling: Household Goods
Wanted: English Magazines
Free: Refrigerator

Please note that it is not necessary to send “Taken:” or “Found:” messages to the list. Members may choose to send this kind of message when they receive an extremely large number of responses about an item and were not able to respond to all emails received. However, people should assume that the item was taken or found if the member does not contact them within the following day or so. Please keep the “Taken:” and “Found:” messages to a minimum.

What Can be Bought or Sold on the List?

The list is often used to sell books, movies (DVD, VHS), clothing, baby items, kitchen supplies, and other household goods. Items are generally used, but in good condition.

The list should not be used to sell the following:

  • Expensive items. Because there is usually no way for a buyer to see the item before it is purchased, we recommend not using the list for such items. If you do want to sell an expensive item, please provide an opportunity for potential buyers to examine the item before the sale is finalized. Members are cautioned to use common sense in this regard.
  • Products from your business (or home business)
  • Animals

Also, the list should not be used in the following ways:

  • Buying items to sell at a profit
  • Offering services
  • Promoting a line of products
  • Posting job information
  • Posting a complaint about another TaSJ member
  • Posting any private correspondence that has taken place between members offlist

Members who post inappropriate content to the list will not be given a warning. They will be removed.

Obvious spam will result in immediate banning.

A Word about Trust

Please remember that Show and Sell Japan works on a system of trust. Our members must trust that sellers are sending their items on time and as advertised and that buyers will send the money on time and at the agreed amount. Without this basic level of trust, our mailing list cannot work.

The Role of the Moderator

The moderator is a volunteer and that they will limit their involvement to the management of the list and will not take sides in any disputes between parties, act as a negotiator, or offer any compensation for transactions that are not completed as expected. MEMBERS MAKE USE OF THE LIST AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Banning Members from the List

Members who do not follow the basic rules of this list will be removed from the Show and Sell Japan list and banned from joining again. There are no warnings, if you spam or use the list for business you will be removed.


If you have any questions about our policies, please contact the moderators.


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