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Expack 500

Here is the Expack 500 (ekusu pakku gohyaku, エクスパック500) explanation from the Japan Post site:

There is a flat 500 yen charge nationwide, as long as the parcel fits inside the envelope provided. There is no need for complicated postage calculations and affixing stamps, and in addition to collection by postal workers, the “EXPACK 500” can also be mailed in a post box 24 hours a day. Moreover, by entering the barcode, tracking information can be checked via PC, and a seal to confirm receipt can be obtained from the recipient.


So, basically, you can buy a bunch of envelopes for 500 yen and keep them at your house for the next time you need to send something out (within Japan). You can stuff an envelope with your items and then either drop the envelope in a post box or arrange for free pick up. You can specify whether you want the delivery to be registered or not. The total cost is 500 yen regardless of what you put in there.

The envelopes measure 25 x 34 so can you fit a good size item inside and the weight limit is 30 kg, however they are basically a flat, thin, unpadded cardboard envelope so there is a limit to how thick an item could be. In the case of one or two books, CDs, DVDs or videos, I think the book rate might still be cheaper if they and the packaging are not too heavy. You can track EXPACK500 on the internet or by iMode cell phones or phoning 0120-232886. There is no insurance for these so you should not use them for valuable or irreplaceable items and it is not permitted to use them to send money. These envelopes will not fit in the mouth of some older mailboxes.

This is a really good option for people who are selling a few small items to various people. You can have a set price of 500 yen for shipping, which means that the shipping amount can be decided ahead of time. This simplifies the payment process considerably. (It is probably cheaper to send smaller items through the regular post, but this system is good for people who don’t have time to go to the post office during office hours and fiddle with buying envelopes, and stamps for each parcel.) Just be sure to check how many items can fit in the envelope before you agree to the final price.

If you have a hint about using Expack 500 to deliver items in Japan, please add it to the comments below.

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  1. As with stamps, postcards, and other postal items, it is sometimes posible to find Expack 500 envelopes at discount ticket shops. When I am lucky enough to find them in stock, I get them for 470 yen at the local ticket shop.

    Comment by Annie Apple-Mathews — February 10, 2008 @ 2:53 pm

  2. The link above is broken.

    Japanese info:

    At this moment, I can’t find any English info:

    Comment by Zaccary — September 15, 2009 @ 5:53 am

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