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For heavier items, postal Yu-Pack yuu pakku, ゆうパック) is probably the best option. You need to fill in a blue form with the seller’s and the buyer’s details, including phone numbers. You can specify a certain time of day for delivery (but not a certain day, as far as I know). The fee will depend on the overall size, not the weight, of the package, so try to squeeze it into a small box! You receive a 100 yen discount on the price if you take it to the post office yourself rather than have the parcel picked up from your home. A few days later you will receive a postcard to let you know the package has been delivered.

If you have a hint about using Yu-Pack to deliver items in Japan, please add it to the comments below.

>>Read about other methods for sending money and items.



  1. The fees for Yu-Packs depend on the size AND the distance. For instance, the rates for a 60 cm package range from 600 yen for within my prefecture to 1,300 yen for the farthest zone (before the 100 yen discount for taking it to the post office yourself). To calculate, I use a handy flier that I got at the local post office with color-coded map/chart that shows the seven different zones and the postage for each size to each zone.

    If the agreement is for the buyer to pay the postage on delivery, fill out the pinkish Yu-Pack chakubarai label, rather than the blue one. The buyer will pay a 20 yen collection fee in addition to the postage.

    You can receive a further 50 yen discount if you show a receipt for sending a Yu-Pack to the same person/address within the past year.

    The postcard notification of delivery will only be received if you request it. To request it, circle “hitsuyou” under “otodoke tsuchi” (just at the upper right of the address section).

    Comment by Annie Apple-Mathews — February 10, 2008 @ 2:51 pm

  2. There’s a lot of pertinent information regarding delivery companies and also moving companies at:
    Consumer Reports: Moving and Delivery Companies

    Comment by forsaletokyo — September 17, 2009 @ 2:25 am

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